E-commerce website Design: The 10 key steps to follow succeed on the Website
E-Commerce Business Plan

E-commerce site Design: The 10 key steps to follow to succeed on the Website

eCommerce website design key step to success

To launch an ecommerce business, there are many steps to take one by one: having the right idea, finding the right partners and suppliers, defining your identity, finding financing, etc. But also designing your site!

If you do an ecommerce business, However, your website will be the essential showcase of your business its creation will therefore be a step not to be taken lightly. Do you need a helping hand? Let me guide you step by step!

How to design your site to succeed in eCommerce?

User journey, payment methods, implementation of a reassurance element, domain name purchase, inventory and shipping cost management, various delivery methods, internal search engine, optimal home page, unique design. To give you an idea of ​​the amount of work required to create a website, here is a list of the 10 major essential steps for an ecommerce site that await you to accelerate the development of your brand, your products and services!

1. Conduct market research on the Internet and in store

If you want to launch an ecommerce activity, it is because you most likely already have in mind the idea of ​​one or more products that you want to market. However, to ensure that you place yourself in a viable market and achieve your objectives, it is absolutely essential to carry out a proper market study as a first step.

To do this, you will need to delimit your catchment area, in order to analyze your potential customers, your competition and the possible benefits.

2. Define your target market

For your online business to be successful, you will also need to have a very precise idea of ​​your customer base. To do this, you will first need to define your persona. It is, in a way, a fictional portrait of your target customer.

How old is he? What are his habits? What are his needs? How does he communicate? It is by thinking about the place of your customers that you will best define your mode of communication and your marketing strategy. Logically, you will not address a single woman, a mother or teenagers in the same way or with the same channels. This work will be necessary to achieve your objectives and your ideal conversion rate!

3. Create your product stock

The product catalog is an essential element for any site that operates in the world of ecommerce. You will not only have to find the winning items of the moment, the most high-end references at unbeatable prices, but also be able to find them at the best quality-price ratio...

To do this, take the time to use the best suppliers (unless of course you are the creator of your articles yourself). When launching your online store, it is essential to surround yourself with reliable and responsive partners, respecting delivery times and always offering high-quality products. Likewise, it is also very important to remain attentive to trends throughout the life of ecommerce, to never let yourself be overtaken by the competition. In this sense, your product stock must be scalable.

4. Establish your price list

On the Web, it is very easy for Internet users to compare different offers with each other. The competition is very tough and you will therefore have to be competitive, especially if you are just starting out and do not have significant notoriety.

You will therefore need to find the right balance between profitable sales and an attractive displayed price. Your products must be sold at an attractive price while still allowing you to generate a sufficient commercial margin.

5. Create your graphic charter and logo

Once the commercial project and specifications have been correctly defined, it is appropriate to get to the heart of the matter and more concretely delineate the identity of your site. The graphic charter is a very important element. The choice of writing for your website, the colors used, or the images chosen will all be elements that will help set the scene for your activity.

Likewise, your logo must also be in line with your merchant site. At a glance, Internet users should have an idea of ​​who you are! For example, in their activities, lawyers tend to choose formal writing and neutral colors such as blue and gray, to convey an image of seriousness. Start-ups, on the other hand, favor bright colors and bolder fonts synonymous with innovation.

6. Choose the best eCommerce solution on the market

To create an ecommerce site, there are many different supports and CMS. To use open-source CMS, you will need to have significant technical knowledge (especially in coding). SaaS software, for its part, makes it much easier to create ecommerce sites via pre-designed and customizable supports.

Ecom Smart Hall is committed to providing comprehensive support and guidance to new entrepreneurs to create websites without any coding, enabling ecommerce businesses to run efficiently and keeping operational costs to a minimum.

There are many players in this area and it is not always easy to make a choice. It is therefore strongly recommended to turn to a solution-recognized ecommerce platform, preferably local.

eCom Smart Hall is a Bangladeshi ecommerce solution based in Nice which has supported entrepreneurs since July 2023 on all aspects of their business, from site design to the success of their Bangladesh store .

7. Create and optimize your merchant site

For Internet users to want to stay on your site, it must offer pleasant navigation. The presentation of your pages must therefore be perfectly optimized. eCom Smart Hall provides you with more than 20+ different features, including Blog, allowing you to create unique layouts.

Likewise, eCom Smart Hall is also the most optimized ecommerce solution for natural referencing. With us, your SEO is perfectly configured, which allows you to be visible on Google and offers maximum visibility to each product in your catalog. All you have to do is create texts that are also optimized for SEO and your power will be maximized!

Moreover, to help you in this complex task, eCom Smart Hall is the first ecommerce solution made up of an manual tool to be able to generate all the texts on your site this aspect of the design of your site will be simplified thanks to to the performance of the AI ​​which is capable of creating all the texts of your ecommerce, from product sheets to blog articles and Facebook and Google advertisements...

In short, all the features of eCom Smart Hall allow you to boost your presence on search engines and position yourself as an expert in your field!

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            8. Proceed to create your product catalog

            To create your product catalog, you will need to contact your supplier and obtain all the data concerning the items you sell. Then, don't just copy and paste; personalize your sheets! Also, make sure to only offer high-quality visuals. This is undoubtedly one of the best purchase triggers.

            9. Tablet or mobile: check the responsive presentation of your site

            Today, more and more sales are made directly from a mobile phone. M-commerce still reached the colossal sum of $6.92 Billion in 2023, according to Statista!

            To avoid missing out on this target, your website will absolutely need to be compatible with display on a tablet or smartphone. At eCom Smart Hall, all ecommerce sites benefit from a responsive presentation and the AMP format that can be activated.

            10. Build customer loyalty with the help of all marketing levers

            Finally, remember that selling on the Internet is not limited to the sole creation of a merchant site... Once your site is created, you will also have to master all the other marketing levers to enable you to retain your customers and to increase your turnover.

            At eCom Smart Hall, we support you in acquiring all these best practices thanks to free video training and the help of our team of expert business coaches, whether it involves setting up your emailing campaigns to relaunch your abandoned shopping carts, communicating on social networks, or provide after-sales service worthy of the name.

            Creation of eCommerce sites: the FAQ

            As future entrepreneurs, you are surely curious by nature. This is to your credit, and it will undoubtedly be very useful to you in your professional life! So, maybe you still have a few questions

            How much does it cost to make an eCommerce site?

            The budget necessary for the creation of an ecommerce site is a very broad question. Indeed, many parameters can really vary the bill. Of course, the price of an online store depends on the functionalities to be integrated on the site and the quantity of products offered for sale.

            Likewise, the budgets will not be the same if you choose to delegate this task to a professional, to design an open source site, or if you decide to create a merchant site yourself with an intuitive SaaS solution. In the first case, the creation of an ecommerce site can reach €100,000! With a SaaS solution like eCom Smart Hall, it will only cost you start 250৳ per month!

            What is the difference between a showcase site and an eCommerce site?

            The showcase site is only a presentation medium for the company. It is a communication channel to make yourself known and present your activity. It is, in a way, a more elaborate business card. Conversely, the ecommerce site is a commercial site. It allows you to sell products and offers different payment options. It is therefore more complex to implement and has many more pages.

            How to get started in online sales?

            There are many methods available today to get started in online sales. Open-source solutions truly allow you to “get your hands dirty”! With them, it is possible to design a merchant site in all its most technical aspects. However, this involves coding and requires having real computer knowledge. In this case, most entrepreneurs prefer to outsource their website creation.

            With eCom Smart Hall, we have decided to make ecommerce accessible to everyone! Every website template we offer is completely customizable to tailor your content to your unique brand. The elements of your pages can be modified as tailor-made to simplify the navigation of your visitors as well as their conversions as customers. Our online store creation process is intuitive, while allowing you to benefit from more than 20+ features.

            With eCom Smart Hall, ecommerce becomes accessible to as many people as possible with ease. Training is even included in your subscription! Does the promise seem too good to be true?! In this case, don't hesitate to check it all out for yourself; we offer you a free, no-obligation life time trial period!


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